Welcome to The Dreaming Tree

A seed was planted...

     The "seed" of The Dreaming Tree was planted in 1576, where Jenni and Barb signed a sacred contract to be revisited in this day and time.

     We shared our past life as mother and daughter and sisters. We promised to meet again and finish our destiny as souls, to be open and vulnerable and show each other our souls, which allowed us to see the souls of others.


     We are determined to create a place of solace. Our Dream is to have a space that fills your spirit with your true essence.

 The Dreaming Tree... is a place of growth, trust, honesty, kindness, compassion and peace of mind for all whom are "under the tree". Please join us in the expansion of mankind and the evolution of the human element.

There are many services offered under the tree by several certified practitioners and masters


                             41 King Street West, Harrow, Ontario





The Dreaming Tree...

is a space for you to "BE".

Sit and sample our loose tea, check our our class schedule, chat with one of our practitioners, treat yourself to a  Reiki, Reflexology or a host of other treatments we have available.